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To ancients of the north, the steam rising from the hot stones of a sauna was akin to the very life force of man. To this day, deals are struck and decisions made in saunas, where movers and shakers gather to exchange ideas.

We invite you to Cyber Security Sauna (#CyberSauna), the podcast for sweating out the hot topics in security. We bring you expert guests with sizzling insight into the latest information security trends and topics. WithSecure's self-proclaimed "cyber translator" Janne Kauhanen hosts the show to make sure you know all you need to about the hotter-than-ever infosec game.

Oct 22, 2019

Cyber security is relevant for everyone. Not everyone realizes it though, and not everyone understands what those in the infosec industry take for granted. How should security-minded individuals communicate with friends, relatives, colleagues and the general public about this important topic? What are the misconceptions regular folks often have about infosec, and what could we in the industry be doing better? Security consultant Laura Kankaala joins Janne to discuss.


Episode 30 transcript